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In this young adult fairy tale retelling by Melanie Dickerson, a woman arrives in Hagenheim claiming the young woman betrothed to the duke's son, Valten, is still alive. With Valten injured, his younger brother, Gabe, defies his family to find Sophie himself. When Gabe arrives at the castle, Sophie must make a choice: go to the Cottage of the Seven and fend for herself, or trust the handsome stranger who seems ready to do anything to keep her safe.

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A sequel to Moons Black Gold, this novel deals with the struggle of George Landsetter to keep his five hundred acres of woodland from Dave Blackmun, a lawless miner and...

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Chloe could have had the perfect childbirth… If only the baby hadn’t come two weeks early If only Jason wasn’t working overtime to save his new television series If only the...

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James Porter was a freshman in high school in 1967-1968. That was the year when his all-white soccer team got assaulted by the fans and players of all-black teams. It was the...

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Antoinette awakens to a new reality. She finds love, acceptance, and everything she could ever want in her new husband. But there’s a dilemma—the life she left behind. Can...

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Artist Matthew Goodwin witnessed many photographers try, and fail, at producing exceptional black light driven photography. Working under dim UV lighting is challenging and...

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Integrating philosophy and popular culture, Professor Weldon brings a lively and unique perspective to bear on some important reasons why our reaction to what “goes bump in...

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