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A foundational text on the topic of digital photography. Discussion surrounds the photographic components of composition, depth of field, exposure, lighting, ranges and perspectives. Historically, the intent of photography has been to establish a visual record of a scene or object, as it was viewed by the photographer’s eyes. Depending upon the experience and skill of the photographer, this is accomplished with varying degrees of success. The format of this text is a practical, step-by-step, application of basic techniques associated with digital photography. Although written primarily associated with the use of Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera systems, it is intended that the reader will emerge capable of utilizing any camera system, coupled with the aid of the methodology included within this text, to properly document the subject matter confronted within his or her day-to-day activities. It is the desire of the author to provide those interested in digital photography, with a basic foundation, upon which to build. Once the fundamentals have been established, the reader is encouraged to seek out additional training and work on more advanced concepts and principles to assist with challenges experienced within day-to-day operations. Although intended to cover the basics of photography, there are a number of sections which have been included which are related to more advanced scenarios, or challenging situations which a photographer may encounter. In particular, these are associated with photography in low-light conditions, use of supplemental light sources, and photography associated with challenging environmental conditions (underwater, rain, etc.). Hopefully, this will provide the reader with a multitude of information and the opportunity to gain photographic experience. Photography is a technical skill and as with any technical skill, the more times that a skill is performed (correctly) the more proficient an individual becomes at the skill. So, whether you are reading this as someone new to photography, or are a seasoned veteran simply looking for an occasional reference, hopefully this text will be of value to you. Continue to take photos and the photos will continue to improve!

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